Conflict Theory - Low Sec small/medium pvp!

Conflict Theory - Low Sec small/medium pvp!

We are looking for corps of all sizes to come join our ranks in low sec - the alliance is being led by experienced CEOs who have roots in CO2, MC, PL, NC, and Shadow Cartel.

We are currently EUTZ/USTZ primarily but looking build on all times zones and expand more into USTZ and AUTZ.

Our ethos is simple:
Have fun
No blues

It really doesn’t get more complicated than that!

If your corp members are looking for small/medium gang pvp within LS then look no further!

What we can offer:
Experienced leadership
Experienced FCs
Professional IT infrastructure
Good fights
Means of income for members

Hop into our Discord server here, or jump into our in-game channel ‘CON-T Public’ and speak with us today.

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Speak to leadership today!



Bump! come frag some dudes with us!

Bumping - still looking for active pvp corps to join us

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