CONIN - Coming out of retirement


(Alekseyev Karrde) #41

Holy balls, welcome back to a legendary corp

(Mar0vinchian) #42

o/ aleks, good to see you!!

Recruitment still open, join CONIN Lounge and ask for a recruiter or follow the link to discord and chat with us there!

(Mar0vinchian) #43

Recruitment still open in all time zones.

We have instigated a policy of stopwatch ops for people who want to go out and roam, find a fight or not we pre plan op times to start and end on schedule so you can play without being stranded or without having to constantly delay your significant others evil looks as they eyeball you waiting for you to log off your game!

All the fun with half the divorce rate!

Come join up today!

(Mar0vinchian) #44

I’ve been told I only post during the bleak hours, hi UKTZ!

(Jokurra) #45

Still recruiting

(Jokurra) #46

Contact me in game later or hop on discord now to discuss