CONIN - Coming out of retirement

The Legendary CONIN is rebuilding

One of the old great corps is looking for you to join us and rebuild our legacy.


After a long slumber we are re-inventing the corp I once built from the ground up with new goals and focuses but the same attitude and quality. Leadership are all longtime Vets of EVE from BoB to Goonswarm and Mercenary Coalition.

We know how to fight, make isk, help new members, and we know how to build. We have started to create our home in Wicked Creek and intend to carry out our corporate goals in this area and make it as safe of an area as possible for ours and friendly players to take advantage of.

If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of this renaissance project feel free to join our in game channel CONIN Lounge and speak to myself or any CONIN member in there to talk and see if we would be a fit for you.

We are and will always be a smaller tight knit family so if you are looking for a ant farm full of faceless masses this isn’t the place, if you want to be part of a family of players who intend to milk the best of every facet of this game with mature but fun loving players…Apply Now!

Come join us in CONIN lounge, recruiting all timezones builders, miners, pve, pvp, and everything else you can do is ok and welcome here. We will help each individual reach their best case scenario gaming potential and they in turn will make us a great corp once again. Drop by and say hello and join up today!

Recruiting players of all professions

Just finishing getting our low sec base sorted out and in the process of setting up our null sec base in angel space, join up now and help us continue the progress! Casual atmosphere and helpful leadership always available for new and old eve players of all professions. Come be part of this and we can all have fun together milking every bit of fun eve has to offer!

Join CONIN Lounge or put in an app today

I am online every night between 8pm and 1 am CST feel free to come chat if you are interested.

Much love for an awesome old Corp coming back :heart:

We’re renting a system in Wicked Creed to get us on our feet. Good secure system with exclusive rights and a Keepstar in it, Sotiyo next door for all your Supercapital building wet dreams!

shout out for a good corp!. come talk to them!

I will be on a Short break for hunting Bambi but will return late Sunday, feel free to email if you are interested in further info.

We are currently hiring recruiters in UKTZ, USTZ, and AUSTZ. This is a paid position. Qualified applicants will be paid at a rate of 25-50m isk per warm body hire that passes 72 hour qualifying. Pay period is every Friday, please send applications directly to Mar0vinchian and I will get back to you as soon as possible to interview.

Thanks for your interest!


If this is the original Maro, then holy moley, can’t wait to catch up! Awesome guy, and awesome leader

Yup it’s me the original Marovinchian in a new face, Come by CONIN Lounge would love to hear from everyone who is still around from the old days and catch up!! Been back for about 3 months so still getting my feet under me but I’ve got the addiction back in full force so going to get things going again :slight_smile:

Maro is top notch!!

Haha, :heart: u too van!

Still looking for recruiters and pilots of all classes and all time zones. Ustz will be given special consideration.

Screw USTZ, all about the EU.

Hop in “conin lounge” chat in game. There’s a link there to Discord, come have a chat

Bumps +10 would ■■■■ this bitch again!

Moon mining stations being anchored! Come get some!

Alliance has buybacks for capitals and supers.

Corp is looking at ore and moongoo buybacks!

No Corp Dues! No Paps!

Stop by our ingame Channel CONIN Lounge and link to discord to chat any time of day, still recruiting pilots of all professions.

Come join and be on the ground floor of the rebuilding of this great Corp, we are small gang oriented and do a little bit of everything eve has to offer. The Corp is membership focused and we work as a team and in solo situations to find as much content and isk as the game is willing to offer. Stop by and chat!