Corporation 1 [C.ONE] A different corp looking for new and old players...UK/EU/US TZ

I first started playing eve in 2003…had a loooooong break and more recently took it up again back in April this year.

Unlike most other adverts you see on here, Corporation 1 is different.

Why? Our primary objective is to have fun, build loyalty and generate trust through transparency, engagement and being as supportive as possible to our members.
That’s why we don’t differentiate between new or old players, everyone is welcome. If you fit us and we fit you then come along.

We have plans, and we have an exciting future. We are flexible, not everyone needs to get involved all the time, that’s cool too. And that’s a good thing especially for players who want to enjoy eve at their own pace and want the freedom to do what they want in a player community environment.

But they all say that right? We mean it, and our retention rate and active member count says the same thing.

In the end, we want to build a team that can have FUN.

So what are we looking for?

  • Rule number 1. We truly believe RL comes first. If you don’t agree don’t apply.
  • Any time zone although I am UK/EU TZ but we do have a growing number of people from various TZ’s
  • Mature players please
  • We have a Discord server, not essential all the time but participation in planned ops are difficult without it
  • People who want to play eve but also want to feel and be part of something that grows from the very beginning
  • Who knows where our journey will take us…

What can Corporation 1 offer right now?

  • The chance to be part of something bigger, driven by the players with no bureaucracy or drama.
  • A base in Domain, HQ and operations from Bittenshal 0.5 high sec space, 1 jump from low sec, 5 jumps from Amarr.
  • Complete corporate transparency (yes you can see where our isk goes) and interaction at a corporate level!
  • We have joined an active industrial alliance with big plans!
  • None war deccable, were a friendly bunch
  • We PvE (Trigs/Combat Sites), participate in Alliance PvP/Mining ops, Gas/Ore Mine, WH activities have many industrialists and a good few people who can ‘shoot things’ too
  • New ships/Skills etc, corporation funds, advice and help for new players
  • Alphas and Omegas absolutely welcome, no ‘minimum skill point requirements’
  • Have fun at your own pace with no pressure.

Something you might be interested in?

You can either mail myself or Glendees in-game for a discussion or apply direct at any of our offices or by searching ‘Corporation 1’ and clicking apply.

See you in Bittanshal :slight_smile:


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Account reactivated and completly lost ! :-)
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64 mil sp combat pilot Returning after 10 year break

Fed up of the state war academy?

New Player Friendly!!

New player friendly.

‘A member owned corporation’ :slight_smile:

We may be small, but we’re having fun in our own way and trying new things as a team :slight_smile:


Bittanshal is lovely this time of year, don’t mind the Trigs, they were just leaving!

Veteran pilot? New to the whole thing? Get in touch in game if you want to be part of a relaxed corp that are looking to build :slight_smile:


Just joined C.ONE a few days ago. They’re good people. I’m representing US/NA TZ and bring Orca boosts, albeit imperfect. If you’re interested in what’s listed above, I suggest you drop by.

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Drop by in game and have a chat, we’re all friendly :slight_smile:

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To the top of the page we go!

joined these guys couple of days back, great group of peeps, come join us !

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Joined a few days ago, a nice bunch of people and lots of potential! :slight_smile:

We’re growing nicely at the moment, new players bringing strong skills to the table, three POS already up in our home area and corp ops starting up with both mining and some light PvP.

Come and be part of something that promises to only get better :slight_smile:

Pushing to top of page - come and help me keep this thread going :wink:

Corporation 1 is growing, are you going to grow with us?

Thread, like our Corps, is going up!

Bump me baby one more time!

Up we go again

Since inception of Corporation 1 in April, a number of people have joined and are enjoying the no fuss, lots of activity environment. We have a good mix of experienced and new players, all very friendly with an aim to prosper together whilst having Fun!

Isn’t that what its about?


We also have an ore buyback scheme in place now, optional for all corp pilots but easier than selling for yourself!

Bump up :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: for EDENCOM, :frowning: for Trigs!