Returning Pilot - Looking for PvE, PvP & Industry

Coming back to the game after a hiatus, 25mil SP. Looking to get back in the game and help out. Cool with High, Low or Null Sec.

Hay bud we are a small and friendly null sec corp that’s fastly growing we are looking for new members.In our corp RL comes first that’s a big must and second we play the game to have fun and make isk we have a lot to offer for a small corp. We are looking for indy and pvp pilots we also have jobs going within our corp we are probably the only corp that will pay its members for the work they do as long as they work hard in the rolls you get paid. If your interest drop me message in game
🇬🇧 Titan A.i we need you

o/ 2Pacalypse Now,

I represent Federation of Freedom Fighters (F-OFF), and I’d like to know a bit more about you if you’d have time to chat about it. Such things as what time zone are you in, so we know you wouldn’t be bored out of your mind, or what are your interests/goals in the game and how can we help you get there? I would like to know more about you so you don’t waste your time with an incompatible group!

I’d like to hear more from you, so if you could please do one of the following, and I’ll message you in-game as well. Our in-game channel is F-OFF NOW, or you can also PM me directly on Discord TempestofChaos#1696.

But just a little bit about us, beyond that. We’re a nullsec PvP corp based in Vale of the Silent with our alliance, Freight Train Diplomacy. We’re 12 jumps from Jita with ample opportunities for content, as LowSec is right next door, and Null blocs are nearby to roam as well.

Other notes:
-Hyperactive leadership, we’re on every day
-Roams/Content in our pocket every day
-PvE opportunities with corp mining ops, ratting or deadspace sites, or whatever you like!
-Exploration friendly, we’re not blue with 10,000 treaties with everyone
-Dirt Cheap Jump Freighter service
-No TI-DI, why have a 1000 man fleet when a 100 man will do just as well!

I’d honestly say we’re a pretty fun crew, especially with our alliance, there’s always something amusing to do. We’re a fan of murderhobo’ing everything that moves in our pocket

Fly Dangerous Sir, I hope to hear from you soon just to chat

F-OFF Pilot and SubDirector of Shenanigans

Welcome back!

We could be a nice fit for you. We are located in NPC null.

play you." We don’t take the game (or ourselves) too seriously and we insist on actually having a good time when we log in. We play in both EU and US timezones.

We specialize in mining and industry, and we have a core of players also focused on PvP. We are an active community who will help you fill any skills you want to relearn on your return to the game.

If interested in talking further, contact me ingame at Arrowspeeed Bounty or join ICON_Public


-Prot - We Want You
We are a team of experienced pilots. Our requirements are simple, you have to chill and socialise.

We are a corp of PVP guys that log on and kick ass We know better than anybody when you have to log off the big op because your kids set fire to the cat.

We are a PVP corp based in great wildlands/ scalding pass SOV, Striving to achieve a strong PVP name for ourselves all’s we want is your experience and company while we’re doing it. Instead of running down to the local bar/pub to hang with friends, we log onto DISCORD and do eve stuff.

10 mil skill point requirement, DISCORD Use (Listening and Speaking)

very friendly people in corp. safe space to rat and mine to fund those shiny ships

So we offer you the chance to come and see what we are about and to speak with us directly, as we are sure that we can prove to you that we are worthy of your APPLICATION.
COME AND JOIN US ON OUR EVE CHANNEL AT —> x-prot <— Copy and paste for ease, and speak to one of our listed recruiters who will be happy to help. Fly Safe

First of all, LOVE the name man! I am a recruiter for a null sec alliance called Sons of Bane. We have a home in null sec with a coalition backing, we have a variety of corps inside the alliance, including Indy, PvP, and PvE. 🇺🇸 S0NS of BaNE - 0.0 Alliance

Hi 2Pacalupse Now,

Cool name…
We are recruiting, and we are looking for both old, returning and new players, since the 2.5 months we started were up to nearly 40 members. We have a lot to offer and a different mentality to ‘most’ eve corps, tajke a look. I think you would fit right in :slight_smile:, all i ask is 5 minutes to read what we are about

If it looks like it could fit please give me, Terrus Askiras or Glendees a shout inagame.

Fly safe, GM

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