Federation of Freedom Fighters- USTZ PvP Corp

F-OFF was founded in 2004 and has been a PvP corp from the start.
We recently moved to the Vale of the Silent region looking to get away from the blue doughnut, and to get in on the active content in the region.
We are looking for PVP first pilots with industry backbones.

We offer:
•Experienced FC’s.
•A home to old and returning players.
•Very active comms and corp chat.
•Great time zone coverage.
•SRP for fleetships
•Fleet ships available in staging areas for PVP.
•Discord and Team speak for Corp communications.
•Awesome ticker F-OFF.
•Strong industrial back bone.
•We cover US and AU Time zones.

We do require

  • ESI check
  • Voice Interview
  • 20mil SP geared towards PvP (Some exceptions can be made)

We are part of the Freight Train Diplomacy Alliance and Null sec PVP community.

We are also open to Corp mergers in to F-OFF . We know this topic can sometimes be a hard pill to swallow, but we have great experience on this topic and can help you give your members a home.

Player Recruitment:
Justin Starr STARR-US
Viceman- US
Xathrid- US
TempestofChaos- US
Randolph Vangor- US
Relsey- US

Join in game channel: F-OFF NOW



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We have content 24/7 here in Vale of the Silent.

If you want in on these non-TIDI fleets then come y’all to us in our in game channelF-OFF NOW or contact me via in game or thru Discord.

Justin Starr STARR#8251

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Looking for more PvP pilots to join us in Nullsec.

Contact me in game or through Discord

Justin Starr STARR#8251 <—- Discord ID

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No Mega Blocs
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Corp sets goals and everyone works together to achieve them
Good FC’s
10/10 True Team of Individuals

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Here you go https://discord.gg/8gQpZW9

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