Newbie looking to join a corp and learn

Hey! I’m Willow and I’m with the Caldari looking for a corp to join. So far I’ve been enjoying industry and distribution missions the most. I want to join a corp focused more on those types of content (mining, hauling, industry, bushiness stuff.)

I do eventually wish to learn combat but for now I want to focus on the economic stuff.

Feel free to contact me in game if I don’t respond here.

I’m willing to join TS or Discord servers but I am not going to be talking, will join voice comms and listen.

***ediits to add info

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Hey there @Willow_Duality
UNKSO is recruiting!


Come checkout Vokira., part of the NFG alliance here in Amarr lowsec. We are both industrial and PvP focused. We arerecruiting both types of players, it doesnt matter if youd like to shoot rocks and space truck all day or do nothing but blap spaceships. We have weekly fleets and moon mining ops to help fund said fleets. Ice mining Ops. Planetary Interaction. Hauling for all of those juicy materials. On the PvP side of things we have: Gate camps and nullsec/lowsec roams. Lots of chatter, ■■■■ talking, drinking, and laughter. We also have a few new guys and gals in corp and alliance that we’ve been showing the ropes, so we don’t mind teaching! We offer guidance to our newer members by explaining the different aspects of the game, help with fits, as well as practice fleets to get acclimated to fleet combat. Come hop on comms and give us a shout. We have a blast and would love to have you!

Fly dangerously o7


Hi Willow

I read your post and i think our corp and philosophy may be a very good fit!

Have a think…GM


So I don’t use my mic. but I am willing to join VCs in discord. would that be okay?

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More than happy with that, whatever you want to do!
Send me an ingame eve mail and we can chat…


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