Corporation 1 [C.ONE] A different corp looking for new and old players...UK/EU/US TZ

Were still recruiting, looking for new, returning and experienced players.

What do we offer:
A very friendly, easy going group of people :slight_smile:
RL comes first
Already >20 members
Multiple timezones
Safe playing in High sec mostly mining, fun roams, competitions and more
A real energy to generate corp isk, because we will share the wealth with you!

Drop myself or Terrus Askiras a mail ingame.



Go on, you (probably) wont regret it…

If Heineken made corps…

We’d be whisk(e)y?

We might just be right for you…

If you don’t try, you’ll never know…

What is your discord?

Hey Odmandin! Just seen your post when i am online in few hours i will send you the details in game. o7

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We are growing and having fun still, numbers on the up and more fun than you can shake a 250mm railgun at :slight_smile:

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We chill, chew rocks and kill - develop at your own pace and in your own way, we have members doing pretty much everything…

^ Its long but its a good read :slight_smile:
See you in Bittanshal

So… you guys still recruiting?? I’m a returning player, also had a massive break. Trying to refine my feet in new Eden, I’ve got 2 toons one industrial, one for all things pew pew. I’m uk based, but work shifts have a real life with kids etc so looking for a chilled Corp, with some active players, space is lonely :cry:

@freeblade Hello! Yes, we are still recruiting.

I joined this corporation about a month ago, and I’ve had a blast. As someone who has played the game multiple times over the years, this is the first time i haven’t quit out of boredom after a short while.

In C.ONE I’ve got to do many things I never did in this game. It’s a great place to be, and is getting better and better as we grow. Just find us in game and throw us an application, I’m sure we can get you sorted out.

Absolutely, as Nyel said were having a blast, please give us a shout in game :slight_smile:


I am unable to get online today but expect a message from me in-game tomorrow :slight_smile:

im all over it :slight_smile:

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Looking for something different? We are growing stronger every day!

Over 50 members in multiple TZ.
Looking for a something different?


Is it the weekend again?
More fun ops :slight_smile: