Connection dropped - unable to login ("encountered error renewing token")

(Erstwhile) #1

Updated to latest mini-patch, successfully logged in (two accounts). Communication link broken, all subsequesnt attempts encounter the message “encountered error renewing token”

Any suggestions?

(Jysriia Uesugi) #2

same, in the middle of playing and sockets closed
cant log back in

(Seith Garcim) #3

Same here

(LouisH99) #4

got the same problem

(Dulatha Xendor) #5

Same. and that on the last mins of killing the Blades of Grass Keepstar, now i am not on Killboard due to that ■■■■ … gRRrRrrRRrRrRr

(Lantiane) #6

I was able to log in after DT, but then a wihle ago i got “socket closed” on the 2 accounts i had logged in. since then i get the by now well known “ecountered an error while refreshing token” message…

hope i dont die… because if i petition this it im pretty sure the answer would be the usual: “our logs show nothing”

(Sing Ung Todako) #7

I am having trouble even commenting now. Wow CCP.

(Sing Ung Todako) #8

Maybe they want to snuff comments
Who knows

(Roahnin) #9

Can’t log in either after socket closed…!!

(waltari) #10

Same here, tried 3 times and got a “Error: There was an error validating your account, please try again” … its the exact same account with a char iam now typing from btw >.>

(Rico Kanenald) #11

“Error while validating account”
That’s what i am getting

(Erin Kore) #12

Just got home and tried to login, launcher gets stuck at refreshing authorization and eventually fails. Tried on multiple accounts.

(Sing Ung Todako) #13

Glad it was not just me

(Kalita Heleneto) #14

Was logged in earlier, now can’t. Authentication down? Thanks CC…Pearl Abyss!

(GM Mechanic) #15

Click add account and type in the username and password of the accounts affected to add them again, should give you a new token and solve your issue.

(waltari) #16

negative, doesnt help

(Phoenix Anburgov) #17

не помогает

(Ikarus Nardieu) #18

doesn’t work

(Adraodus) #19

I can confirm this has not worked

(Dori Long) #20

I get error “couldn’t validate your account” when trying to add accounts to the launcher.