Contraband Trade Suggestion for items on market

I buy stuff from market, sometimes make contracts, I bought Protein Delicacies, when I go to make a contract it says the item is contraband and cannot be put in contracts.
Had i known this I wouldnt put in a buy order for the item.

Suggestion: Add a warning :warning: Notification at the market buy screen that warns the player the item being purchased is CONTRABAND AND CANNOT BE PLACED IN CONTRACTS. Or whatever other limitations there are associated with it. The disruption of flow is the main reason besides being annoying it changes the way the market is viewed, what other items have i put orders in for that are contraband?

Probably not a huge issue but I thought it was worth mentioning. Hopefully it helps people.
Thats the post. Ty.


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Sure, nice little QOL thing and it could be a very valuable little warning for new players making their way in the hauling or trading careers

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