Contract + Abysal +more little things


Several requests

  1. Contracts = It’s time to allow players to be able to view more than one contract at a time. I’d like to be able to open up several contracts side by side.

  2. Ingame fitting tool needs to expand to allow use of abysall mods perhaps with manual entry of the stats or something. And we need to allow players add boosters and drug effects. I know that you can fit items you already have etc.

  3. Can we allow assest menu to display items like you see them in the ingame hanger.

  4. Can we create a new type of supercapital hunter ship that uses powerful ion cannons.

  5. Can we make hauler spawns in ice belts drop ice minerals etc

  6. I’ve just seen the new Aurora AI can you PLEASE use this style of character with a large window and full body when you are creating new PVE content and would especially fit well with Missioning.

If you have existing abyssal modules in hangar - you can drag them into simulation window to see if they will fit. Manual entry serves no purpose other than creating “dream-fits”, imo, but for that Pyfa is enough.

Not even in hangar. You can look at ones in contracts, show info ob them, and then drag them from the show info into fitting manager.

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Press… shift?

That’s the key that gives you a new window,
instead of using the last equivalent.

Works for everything “show info”, too.
Or killmails.


There’s an option in the escape menu about this.

You didn’t even try googling this?.
Of course you didn’t

Did you try pressing shift to open up multiple contracts at the same time?? Ofc you didn’t

Excellent didn’t know abt this thanks

You’re right. Wow.
It works for everything else, just not contract windows.


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