Control-Space long time members of DARKNESS. alliance, EU/US TZ, seeks new recruits!

Do you like rocks? Do you like the idea of mining rocks on the outer reaches of the cluster, feasting on delicious ores and getting paid? Does the idea of supplying and contributing to a thriving local market in 0.0 appeal to you? Are you ready to hop in a ship at a moment’s notice and fire ze missiles into our foes to secure our prosperity and yours? Then it sounds like you ought to 5TOP what you are doing and come and join us in Control-Space. We live in some of the best space in the whole of eve!

Control Space is looking for skilled pilots with in excess of 25 million SP and 250 killboard kills, with a good balance of industry and pvp prowess. Experience in all securities welcome, but not essential.

Active and very helpful corp involved in a range of activities in EU/US TZ based in Deklein, Real Life first Corp! As a member of DARKNESS. alliance we get the front row seat on some of the most interesting fleet engagements eve has to offer!

If you are interested, drop by our public channel in game 5T0P-PUB to speak to one of our recruiters!

All applications subject to API checks.

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