Venture into the darkness with No Visual. [EU/AU/US TZ] [Indy | PVP | Null]


Venture into the darkness and find a new home with No Visual. We are a growing nullsec alliance looking for established corporations and pilots to join our ranks.

If munching on rocks, going on fun roams with our experienced FCs, or large scale battles sounds like fun, we might be the alliance for you!

We are currently looking for US, EU and AU time zones, however exceptions can be made, so come chat with us!

As a growing alliance, we try to maintain a low toxicity environment, but friendly banter is always allowed in our comms. Due to our size, we are also working closely together across corporations and you will always find people hanging out and chatting on the alliance Discord server.

We are a sov holding alliance with plenty of space for ratting and mining. Our current home is also close to a major trade, fully stocked with everything you need. We also have a good balance of activity in our space. Peaceful enough that you can go about and do your things, but also active enough that you will find people to fight every day.

What we can offer:

  • SRP

  • Occasional lessons for newer pilots to learn new skills for fleets and more

  • Plenty of access to nullsec

  • Mining Fleets and access R64 moons

  • Buy back program

  • Ratting space

  • Large & Small scale PVP roams

  • Plenty of industry opportunities

  • Alliance jump freighter service


  • Discord and Mumble for comms | Discord is used by the alliance, while Mumble is used for coalition activities.

We look forward to hearing from you! The best way to reach us to do join our discord and chat with the Alliance CEO EndsToMeans. You can also contact one of us ingame via the No Visual. public channel, or by Evemailing EndsToMeans. If you’re an independent player looking to join a corp, we have plenty of corps looking for members. Just have a chat to a recruitment officer in-game or on discord and they’ll get you sorted. We look forward to chatting to you and hopefully flying with you.

Discord: No Visual Alliance

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come check us out, we’re always looking for people to join our eve family