No Visual? No Problem

No Visual. Is a null sec alliance now living in the Perrigen Falls region. We are here to have fun, grow, and blow some stuff up. We are currently recruiting corporations who want to come out to null sec and join us in making this work! Now is the time if you’re one of those corps who’ve always wanted to get into null but didn’t meet their 20+ “human” requirements, don’t want to be forced to merge with another corp, or just want to grow with your friends/family!

If you’re interested in micro to small gang fights, building something from the beginning, and experiencing new areas of eve then maybe we are the right fit for you and your friends! We’re all here to have fun and relax, not to make eve another job!

What we offer:

ISK making opportunities just like the rest of null!

PVP Fleets (access to larger fleets) and random roams

Loot Buyback at competitive pricing

Relaxed environment and conversations (kinda most are a bunch of clowns)

Space to GROW your friends and wallets!!

If this sounds good to you, feel free to contact the Alliance CEO

No Visual. Public <<<< in game channel

Alliance CEO : Arrogant Dreamer


Quarantined or not, we are still here!

late night bump! stay safe, stay clean, stay home and play eve!

sleep schedule is pretty messed up, i guess that’s a good thing for eve?

wait if i’m working from home does that make eve a 2nd job again?!?!

It’s the weekend but you cant leave…so drunken eve and stuff!

Days just seem to blend together

Still here, still got space!

recruiting corps and individuals!

You don’t love eve unless you have dreams about dying in your ships

still looking for more! Always willing to train people who want to learn

another “work week” down

Hey if you guys still looking contact me ingame by mail

EndsToMeans is still complaining but we are still recruiting

Thats the equivalent of asking a company if they want to hire you to call you. Thats not how this works… If you are interested in joining their corp, CONTACT them…your way is ass backwards

Sunday’s area lazy days! Come be lazy with us!

Its only Tuesday but at least we still have eve

its ok, mining is relaxing. Yeah i said it.

Stay safe out there, fly dangerously

Have a fun weekend everyone!