You want CONTENT? Plenty of Action? No Visual has plenty!

To start, lets get right to the point. No Visual is an expanding alliance with a place for everybody, no matter your playstyle. We are goal oriented and work together as a team to achieve these goals, and are very active on discord/mumble.

We do plenty of Mining Ops in HS/LS/Null with the benefit of fleet boosts

We have many players who PvP and have frequent fleets varying from small to large

Ice, Indy, Exploring, WH Space, Everything. Is there something you want to try but have never done? We’ll show you the way.

Whether you have been playing on and off for several years, or only recently stumbled upon Eve within the last few months, we have a place for you. We strive to keep our current environment as drama free as possible, friendly, and helpful. We love to have fun, come crack open a cold one with our online community. We live in a time where its important to stay home, so why not make the best of it?

I would also like to include, many of the members of our discord like to play a lot of other games together, too. This is also an opportunity to expand your entire gaming circle, even outside of Eve.

We mainly have members in the US/EU/AS time zone and require you to speak English. It is required that you join our discord and mumble. We look forward to meeting you, and having you join our family!

Jump into the No Visual Alliance discord here: and/or join the “RCB Recruitment” chat channel in-game, and we will hook you up with one of our recruitment officers today, and see if you are a good fit for our team!

Fly Safe!


Jade is right on point with this. We have tons of fun. We are actively looking for corps and pilots. So come chat with one of us today :relaxed:

We are still looking to grow our family. We have lots to do and are very active looking for all time zones. Come join in our No Visual ventures.

No visual is still looking guys come chat with us!!!

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