No visual is Recruting!

No Visual. is a growing alliance looking to fill our ranks!!

No Visual. is a sov owning member of Winter Coalition! We are filled and love to play other games than Eve when we get burnt out, Cause everyone does eventually. We offer many things to be excited about whether that be small gangs to big fleet fights, mining operations to home defense (we get a lot of small gang pvp where we live).


  • Alliance buyback
  • Alliance XL INDY Hub (in-house capital production)
  • Active home market hub and central coalition market through a well-established jump bridge network.
  • FC Structure.
  • Sov held space.
  • Fully upgraded I-hubs.
  • Access to moons.
  • Access to Ice Belts.
  • Multiple Timezones.
  • Active Comms.
  • Jump Freighter Services


  • Friendly voices.
  • Dank Memes.
  • Fleet activity.
  • Small gang fun.
  • Active Playerbase.

Contact Nic Marshal in our discord server or on discord (reactor17)

You can also contact us in-game in our public channel (No Visual. Public) and by Eve mailing Nic Marshal in-game.

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