Cordite Skins (FIXED)

Anyone else getting this bug, Buy one the new skins that been released. However I cannot click on the next skin to buy, the continue shopping button does not work and pressing the little x to get me back into game then reentering the nex store does not work as it still showing the continue shopping button…

The only way I can buy multiple skins is buy logging out and back into game after each purchase. Also what’s up with the lag the last couple of days?

I just bought three of them, and it all worked fine for me. My current internet connection sucks as well, so I’m afraid I’m not sure what to suggest for you, but things seem OK on my end.

And yeah, the lag has definitely been an issue. If that has been particularly bad for you, that could certainly be related.

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Once you hit purchase, please allow the redeem window to come all the way up, and go away, before clicking continue.

If you click at all during the process it locks up the new eden store.

so after you hit buy, wait for the redeeming window to come up and go away, than you can click continue.

hope this helps.

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@Dori_Long Thank you, this was the problem :slight_smile:

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