Coronavirus Epidemic Hit East Asia 20,000 Years Ago

Over the past 20 years, people have faced a series of outbreaks caused by coronaviruses, including SARS, MERS, and Covid-19. But humans may have faced the disease millennia ago, new research suggests.

A team of researchers from Australia and the United States has found evidence of a coronavirus epidemic that broke out more than 20,000 years ago in East Asia, according to a study published in the Current Biology scientific journal on Thursday.

In the study, the researchers studied the genomes of more than 2,500 people from 26 different populations around the world. They pinpointed the earliest interaction of the human genome with coronaviruses, which left genetic imprints on the DNA of modern-day people in East Asia.

The genomes they studied contain evolutionary information about humans tracing back hundreds of thousands of years, said lead author Yassine Souilmi – information we’ve only learned to decode in recent years.

Viruses work by making copies of themselves. However, they don’t have their own tools to do the duplication. “So they actually depend on a host, and that’s why they invade a host and then they hijack their machinery to create copies of themselves,” Souilmi said.

That hijacking of human cells leaves a mark we can now observe – offering concrete evidence our ancestors were once exposed to and adapted to coronaviruses.

Between 60,000 and 100,000 years ago, Homo sapiens came to Southeast Asia and Australia by migrating from Africa, known as the “Out of Africa” model.

If the East Asian Coronavirus is 20,000 years old, then Asian Homo Sapiens would have been in Southeast Asia for nearly 40,000 years prior to the epidemic.

We never hear or read about coronaviruses outbreaks starting in Africa, but always in the Far East.
Africa has bats so there should have been coronavirus epidemics in Africa as well. I wonder what the link is between East Asia being the center of coronavirus outbreaks throughout humanities history.

What is even more interesting is the fact that coronavirus is devastating, as we have all seen with Covid-19. If a similar outbreak happened prior to modern day medicine and medical technology, the coronavirus outbreak 20,000 years should have wiped out nearly all of humanity, if not all of humanity.

Perhaps coronavirus outbreaks in East Asia can explain why humans didn’t really have a footprint on Earth until the Dino Roid made them go extinct. Humans, during the time of the Dino’s, would probably have kept to the tallest mountains as possible to keep from being consumed by yeah, what was below the green tree canopy, that humans looked down upon from high mountain caves. Possibly, coming down out of the mountains to raid bird nests and to hunt birds. Living in caves, far above the ground and away from the fallout of the meteor, humans could have survived on, once again, bird eggs and birds and even other humans.

Once the devastation had settled, and a new landscape emerged below that wasn’t covered as by many trees and nearly not as many dino’s, humans then wandered down the from mountains and into the plains where their numbers rapidly increased due to the abundance of water and new sources of food. Not to mention, not as many dinos hunting them.

Or the reason that humans survived the epidemics and pandemics of the Pre-Ancient Past could be related to extraterrestrial intervention, that upon seeing the human species being wiped out by the viruses born on Earth, after the meteor killed the dino’s, the aliens stepped in and vaccinated early humans and gave them very rudimentary tools and knowledge that rapidly advanced the human species from that point on. Because technically, humans should still be running around using rocks and sticks and should be advanced as we are.

It’s odd that humans didn’t progress in 1.8 million years based on the oldest recorded human remains found compared to the sudden advance of human civilization in the past 20,000 years. Its like humans were one day eating snails and moths and crunchy beetles and BRIGHT LIGHT, a carrier emerged from deep space, possibly on a mission of tracking the meteor that impacted Earth.

There is no evidence humans were genetically human 65 million years ago, so I’m trying to understand your hypothesis of humans hiding in tall mountain ranges to escape dinosaurs.
Last I read, 65 millions years ago, our ancestors were shrews still.


No, no I get it; it was a long long time ago and quite a continent away.
When forces you can only imagine collide magic happens.
I’m shocked and awed, aren’t you?

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If humans weren’t genetically human 65 million years ago, then what were humans gentically?

Bring Em Out.

Human DNA would have already shown us what our genetic base would have been 65 mil years ago through abnornal humans being born.

DNA flips its own makeup every so often to keep the diversity of the human genome from being a straight tree trunk.

Where’d the idea that humans were even around 65 million years ago even come from?

Our common ancestor 65mil years ago looked something like this.

Source: Timeline of human evolution - Wikipedia

Present day dinosaurs on the other hand look like this:

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may… Key word.

Shrews, as I already said.
Evolution should be taught in every school on the planet.

I give this troll post a 8/10.
Too many dinosaurs and trees, and not enough aliens.

This is actually quite cleverly presented, elements of truth with chaff to throw off the heat seekers.

Necessary because no-one seems to be willing to face up to the potential correlation between vaxx damage; victimisation / termination with the “scary” drop in PCU.

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Are we caring what happened 65 million years ago?

Short of an advanced race of Atlantians, or proof of an inner earth I don’t really care what or how we evolved, much less so how a virus evolved.

Over thinking over analyzing separates the body from the mind, withering our intuition leaving opertunities behind.

   Maynard James Keenen

Cool, nice of you to join a discussion you are not interested in just to tell us that you are not interested in this discussion.

I think the right reaction here is to just laugh, no matter if it’s sarcasm or serious crackpottery. Sorry, can’t distinguishing it anymore

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dear happy lite-heart
no need to apologise for - condition - whatever

Oh I don’t think the condition is with me. Does that mean this was serious?

Let me laugh even harder :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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The events that took place 65 million years ago are crucial to understanding what viruses and bacteria were present that might be dislodged from frozen places under the surface of the Earth due to the Super Volcano under Yellostone erupting.

A new question.

After watching a documentary about the Super Volcano bidding its time under Yellowstone Park, what ideas and or plans do people have to save as many people as possible when the volcano finally erupts?

The Super Volcane under Yellowstone, will erupt, there is no maybe it won’t. Geologists have proven the Super will erupt.

Will special tents be developed that can be easily and rapidly erected around a home become a necessary home addition for all new build homes?

Will the tents be able to with stand the hot ash falling from the sky? Will the tents be able generate electricity by using TEG’s?

What about water? Will the water lines of new build homes have secondary ports to tap into the water flow? I feel bad for the big cities and small towns that are connected to water and electric grids. Once the system goes down, they will be without water and electric.
Will skyscrapers be able to deploy large protection sheaths from the top of the skyscraper to protect the people inside?

Will mile high poles atop sky scrapers with TEG’s attached to the very top of the pole be able to penetrate the thick layer of ash to collect vital sun light?

Would TEG and Solar Power Arrays built high up in the in mountains be able to provide electrical power to thousands of tents villages around the base of the mountain?

Those living in the country will fare better because sources of water are not connected. Will TEG water pumps be able to generate electricity from increased air temperature?

Will the same types of tents used to protect homes from hot, falling ash, also protect an acre of land to grow crops on?

What type of artificial lighting would need to be used to grow crops under the tents?

What about the air quality? With all of that ash floating in the air, most people would suffocate to death.

These are the questions that the Japanese government needs fund a small committee to study, understand and then develop a contingent for.

Yellowstone could erupt tomorrow, 25 years from now or a 1,000 years in the future. Regardless of when the Yellowstone Super Volcano erupts, the loss of most if not 99% of all animals, mammals is and sea life is guaranteed.

Like I said, understanding viruses and bacteria of Earth’s past is inportant as the potential for new viruses and bacteria to emerge from snow coverages mountain ranges turned to fast flowing water as a result of the Super erupting and heating up the atmosphere, is real.

Just wizard spells and mind-tricks to stymie vitality -
My personal favourite is the cyclic solar micro
nova suspicious0bservers pushes.

Do you want to hussle? Do you want to salsa?

As serious blow to my optimism for the development of EVE forever.

and what would a volcano bid its time on? or did you mean ‘biding’ its time instead? :grinning: