Corp looking for alliance or rent space

corp of 25 plus in to mining pi buliding want join allace is 1 man corp run pi chains 130 to 150 bases can fly most things but crap pvp as time slot is late au was in prov but alliance moved. this alt corp. dont need hand held as player for 10/11 years.want to join allaiance, as corp u join as usely end up joining alliaces i dont want to be in. want to join alliances but open to to going back to prov drop me line in game or here


Clevk out alliance initiative associates in game

Lotsa space in fountain

Or contact me in game and I’ll put u in touch with a guy


SLYCE Pirates

@Minsharu If youre willing to fly PVP when needed come check out Right Click Jump To - RCJT.

FInd me in game or on discord and i’ll tell you all about our opportunities to have fun with what we have going on.

@rangerwolfy#4987 << discord name.

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