Corp Looking to rent 0.0, and grow with the alliance/coalition there

Small corp (mostly mining/ratters) looking to rent a 0.0 system from a long term Sov holding entity. Recently we joined FI.RE a day before they declared their evacuation and that well, was very disheartening. Anyways, what we are looking for is decent ratting space, and access to both regular belts and Ice. We will look into moon mining once we get to that point.

If your entity rents space, feel free to mail-convo this toon or reply here. I am looking for a legitimate enterprise, not some backwoods entity that just got space for the first time. We arent interested in sov politics, warfare, etc… but are more than happy to join in on defense fleets.

Depending on fee, location etc… we might be a long term renter who helps the coalition out for a protracted period if not indefinite period of time. Loyalty is a trait we respect and we intend to be prime renters, and grow accordingly.

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