Corp WTB rent access to a 0.0 system for my corp to operate out of

Pretty simple. Looking for a out of war zone type system (the more in the middle of nowhere the better) to rent. Need the ability to put up moon mining stations (athanors) and some sort of station which I can base my guys out of (either one I put up, you put up for me, or already have there etc…).

Looking mostly for a place to bear it up, also interested in helping out with local defense fleets etc…

Thanks ahead of time for any help you might have, or directions you may point,
S-KHI Team


We are currently looking for mining corporations to join our alliance!

We are a mix of all type of players and currently looking for a mining corp to mine our rented and public moons, we are also looking to rent a system if ever you are interested!

Please reply to the the post or Contact me on EVE

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