Mining corp looking for rent space

(Crean Amatin) #1

We are a small german industry corp and would like to retire as 0.0. We are 3 - 4 active players and looking for a system to rent. We want activ mining and PI, possibly even fly ne site. a citadel for pressing or the option to set one for the purpose should be given. Access to a ice belt would be nice to have, but is not a requirement.

homedeff is clear, but there will be no more pvp excursion.

(RollyJoger) #2

question. Would you be willing to join my corp? No rental then needed, we have access to an Ice belt and operate 9 Moons and 12 Stations in our pocket of space. Eve Mail me in game if interested. Rollyjoger

(Lord Seth) #3

Have you considered merging with a corp?