Mining and Production corporation looking a system for rent / Alliance

Mining and Production corporation looking a system / systems (optimally pocket with ice) for rent. The number of leased systems depends on their price and quality. We are interested:

  • lunar materials (8-16 moons and above) with the possibility to put on the moon an engineering complex;
  • PvE farming in good format;
  • PvP activities (in any formats), we want have it;
    The presence of protection from the claim-holder is desirable, but not particularly important. We are a russian-speaking team, but the russian language in ally chat is not principled (we are ready join to the English-speaking community)

As an option, we will enter the alliance as a full-fledged corporation with the main purpose of producing (including Capitals and Full-T2 construction, fuel, chemical components, etc.), PvE activity (secondary specialization), and we want PvP activity too (this is be sure for our pilots)
Our condition - the alliance must have its own clime

Rents in low-secs and NPC-nulls are not considered.

For contacts are available my character ingame or a given topic (you can in PM)

Great Income for you :crab:

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