Corp Services Installation / Hosting (Alliance Auth, Mumble, and more)

I am a software engineer and the author of several of the community apps for Alliance Auth, and would love to bring my expertise in IT to your corporation. I specialize in Alliance Auth based installations, as with community addons it now offers comparable functionality to SeAT.


All services are backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee.


We can install on our hardware or yours. Note: you will want at least one person familiar with server administration to run any of these applications yourself.


Software Price
Alliance Auth 2B
Alliance Auth Community Addons Varies
Mumble 2B
Teamspeak 3B

Discounts for multiple simultaneous installs.

Managed Hosting

I install and maintain the installation for you on our hardware. Our cloud provider is DigitalOcean. The setup cost is the same as if it was your hardware, but half the ISK goes towards your hosting costs.


All hosting pricing is monthly.

# of Users 1 - 50 50 - 100 100 - 200 200+
Alliance Auth 300M 500M 1B Contact me
Mumble 300M 500M 1B Contact me
Teamspeak * 500M 800M 1.6B Contact me

* A license may be required for Teamspeak depending on the number of slots you want.

Discounts available for annual commitments.


An initial consult is always free. Contact me at @Myrhea#1024 on Discord or Myrhea by in-game mail.


Great service, fast setup time! Also a very friendly lady! Will use again! 10 out 10!!

hi, is this still active?

Added you on discord!

wont let me add your discord. is this still available?

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