[SERVICE] Alliance Auth, SeAT, Voice Comms and Discord Setup

Starting or running a Corporation or Alliance and want to protect your hard work from spies, thieves and others who have ill intentions? Need to comply with Alliance recruiting protocols but public ESI checks just aren’t doing it?

I offer ESI and Voice services at very reasonable in-game prices. Ongoing support is included in the price for the life of the install!

One-time ESI Service Installation Fees
SeAT - 4b
AllianceAuth - 4b
Pathfinder - 4b

One-time Voice Service Setup
Mumble - 2b
Teamspeak 3 - 2b

Other Services
Discord Server Setup (React Roles, Channel Setup, etc.) - 2b

All installations include consulting and help on choosing the best VPS for your needs, plugins and ongoing support for the life of the install.

Looking to add a website for your Corporation and/or Alliance? I can do that as well.

Contact me via Discord for more information - x_HSK

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Bump. Get setup with Corp and Alliance services today!

No queue for services right now. Get yours installed same day!

Bump get yours installed today!

Bump get your installs today!

Bump get yours before the holidays!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday. Still available for installs.

Is there a cost for plugins for the AllianceAuth or SeAT?

Nope, all included :slight_smile:

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Used your service and would 100% recommend friendly and patient (I know nothing about all this stuff)

Thanks Again HSK o7

No problem man!

Bump get your corp/alliance setup today

Bump taking on new projects. Quick turnaround time.

Do you set this up on something like Amazon Cloud or private server/hosting?

Yes. It’s setup on your own provided VPS

Bump get yours installed today

Queue cleared. Ready for installs

Get a fresh AA installed today. Plugins included!

Bump taking install requests

You still doing this service?? Tytus Kyle in game hit me up if so, would love to get tour corp discord on auth