[SERVICE] Servers (VPS/shared/dedicated), Alliance services, Corp services for ISK

Hi there

As the title says, i can provide all of those for ISK. No real money accepted.
I am an experienced IT guy with more than 15 years experience in Linux servers, Cloud. Vmware and systems (mostly Linux based)

I can provide the kind of server you need for your Alliance/Corp services or just for personal use.

This includes:

  • VPS based on OpenVZ, cheaper, it is not full virtualization, think of it more like a container with its own resources, sharing the same kernel with the host
  • VPS based on KVM, not so cheap, it is full virtualization, just like a normal physical server, it supports all Linux flavours, Windows, BSD, etc.
  • All servers have 1 public IP address available

On top of that, i can install the following for you:

  • Alliance Auth
  • SEAT
  • Firetail bot for Discord
  • Keepstar Discord auth for corp members
  • Tripwire / Pathfinder
  • Eve structures
  • Discourse forum integrated with Alliance Auth
  • Skylizer

All the above can be combined or standalone. You can:

  • request a VPS from me and installation of above software or other software related to EVE
  • request only a VPS and do whatever you need on it
  • request only the installation of above software or other software related to EVE on your servers
  • request one time installation of above software or other software related to EVE and you maintain ti afterwards
  • request periodic support for upgrading the installed software, either when a new release is out, or on monthly basis, or per request basis regardless if it’s on your servers or VPS from me.

I can also install mumble/murmur server for your comms and configure it as you want
I don’t mess with TS3 as it needs licenses.

I can also install any EVE related service existent on Github which doesn’t require license and it’s proven to work with new ESI API from CCP.

For your convenience, you can also host your alliance/corp website if you order a VPS from me.

All services benefit for FREE on the following middleware installed on server:

  • Apache/NGINX web server
  • MySQL / MariaDB database
  • PHP 7
  • NodeJS, if required.
  • All servers will come with SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt

Actually what you pay is the rent for the server and the installation/configuration service for above software.

The only thing i need from you is to point your domain/subdomains to the server’s IP address
(in case it is ordered from me, no need if it’s your server) and the structure that you want on the server:

  • one subdomain for every service (recommended) (ex: corpauth.domain.name, forum.domain.name)
  • one domain and services split in paths (ex: domain.name/corpauth, domain.name/forum)

All respective credits go to the creators of above EVE related applications, i do NOT own any application i just put my skills in value for installing/configuring/customizing settings for you.

Samples here:
Alliance Auth
Discourse - just installed.

Price list here

You can find me also on Discord and see Firetail bot in action.


Hi man,

exactly what I was looking for…
I would need a proposal from you for the following situations…

  • I have a brandnew Cloud Server for you, Plesk installed as I need to manage the main-Domain and other subdomains on it. You will get every access you´ll need for.
  1. Install Alliance Auth
  2. Install Seat
  3. Install Discourse
  4. Auth Eve SSO for everything above

Now comes additional thing I would need some info about. It´s Discord. Our alliance has a running Discord Server and I would also like to grant access to users via SSO when they register with alliance auth. What would be the best way also having in Mind not to ambush existing Discord Server :slight_smile:

Please make me an extra proposal for each point, so I can think which point I´ll need first.

Thank you very much. Greetings from Germany,

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Thanks for the interest. Alliance Auth and SeAT work with Eve online login. Once there, you can assign users which are blue to your alliance or corp from Alliance Auth settings. Mostly SeAT is used for recruitment (it gives you information from users with API added, including their mining ledger!), and also for your own character report if you are out of game (skill points, isk, contracts, mails, etc)

Alliance Auth is more for managing an alliance, and it;s based on plugins such as:

  • group management
  • HR applications (with definable questions)
  • Structure timers
  • Fleet Activit Links (FAT)
  • Optimers
  • SRP management
  • Fleet-up.com integration (where you can define alliance doctrines and import them in Alliance Auth)

Third party integrations with:

  • phpBB3
  • Discourse
  • Mumble
  • Openfire
  • Discord
  • Alliance Market (nice feature)
  • TS3
  • XenForo
  • SMF

Discourse uses the Alliance Auth users (Alliance Auth can integrate with multiple third party software)

SeAT also uses Login with Eve Online.
SSO for discord can be done with Keepstar, which checks if the user is in the right corp/alliance, grants access to Discord. If the user quits, Discord access is revoked.

More info can be found on the respective software Github page to see the capabilities.

From the Keepstar’s Github:
“What It Does
This program will host a web page that members of your discord server can visit to be assigned roles based off of corporation, alliance, and player specific roles. It will then ensure the player remains in these roles and remove them if the players status changes (via a cron job).”

Let me get back with the prices for each and for bundle, and let me know also if you need maintenance for this, and how the maintenance to be (monthly, on interventions only, etc)

Plesk needs to have MySQL installed, a webserver with PHP (version 7 preffered). Also it’s important to know what type of Linux you have installed on this server.

Alliance Auth uses redis cache (i don’t know if Plesk has it, but it can be installed standalone). It is better to install as standalone a minimal amount of middleware as the Plesk controls the majority of the environment related to web server /database / php (i’ve worked only with Cpanel and ISPconfig until now, but i assume it does the same thing).

As to ask the main questions, i believe you need Alliance Auth, Keepstar and Discourse. As i said earlier, SeAT is used for corporation management and should be installed and use separately than Alliance Auth.

Depending on your needs, you might want Eve Structures (citadel management, timers for fuel, vulnerability window, etc) and Skylizer (works only with moon scanning results at the moment)

Please send me a Discord link where we can discuss details.



Thanks for fast reply. Please use Kawa Ascot#3721 in Discord for direct messaging. Thx

I have created the price list here , only check this link to see updates to it.

As expected, will try to match the right price for these services, and keep in mind that behind me is not a team, but one man.

Once you make an outstanding order, i will inform you how much time it will take for me to install required applications, the timer will start after you provide all prerequisites asked.

Basically what you need for almost all services:

  • a domain name, with access to create subdomains (tl;dr DNS management access), mandatory for all services
  • a linux server (Ubuntu 16.04 if possible), this is also available as a service if you don’t have
  • ssh console access (Either with sudo or directly root, depends on your personal comfort), needed to install git software, and all apps.
  • information about how do you want the apps structured (each one on a subdomain, one single domain for all with folders, if you need SSL or not, etc)

First order received for an alliance oriented pack !

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Services available, we made our first customer happy with:

  • Alliance Auth installation and integration with existing Discord and new Discourse forum instance
  • Discourse forum built as docker instance, easy to manage and to update.
  • Custom installation (user request) of Ghost Publishing Platform , also delivered as docker image.
    @Kara_Delios is the first happy customer.

And he did a fabolous work. Reliable, more than fast, lets say lighning fast :slight_smile: and he is really polite, nice to talk and work with.
So as I said to @Petty_Thief, our programmer and server admin from real live was kicked as he felt in booze every day, so I will have also real live work for him in the near future.

So if anyone is looking for help with that stuff, @Petty_Thief is the best partner for it!

bump! Services still available, looking to ease your IT logistics and keep the focus on in game things.

Still offering top services for alliances/corps.

Services available! Had one guy contact me on discord but i can’t send direct messages to him. Kane Larrete ?

up we go with the offer. Now 5% off all packages for Easter holidays up to 15th of April 2018 !

bump! services available, new flavors of VPS added !

Available ! new customer soon to be on-boarded :slight_smile:

Still available, until now we setup software for 2 alliances. I won’t give names, but the fellows there can give up a thumbs up for me in this thread. 3rd alliance is in processing . So , get your offer now, and make use of technology to manage your alliance properly

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What version of seat do you install as ccp has now stopped the creation of new api’s

Looking for a system to check characters that dont need apis

IF you can help can you mail me ingame with cost’s

Golden Spurs uses this service. Petty Thief has been exceptionally helpful to us and it is well worth the isk.

Seat 3.0 with new ESI API. It’s still beta, but i can update it as fast the release is available

A bump for my friend. Take his service!


DM sent via Discord regarding SeAT Installation and possibly some extras. Look forward to hearing from you.


Confirming order placed for SeAT and AAuth Installation, plus extras as required.

Thanks for your fast response!