External Services Support and FREE Consultation (AllianceAuth, SeaT, Pathfinder, WiKi, Discord Integration, and more!)

Save the world by day (I’m a nurse), save the internet spaceship world by night!

I am a nurse that loves tech. I run a hosting and consulting service for anything from game servers to assisting groups with setting up their alliance services for massive alliances in eve. Our consulting services are FREE, you read that correctly, FREE! My team and I have experience with tons of different services and applications that we can assist you with setup and management.

Services we specialize with:

  • Mumble / TeamSpeak
  • Alliance Auth
  • SeaT
  • Pathfinder
  • Tripwire
  • WiKi / Forums
  • Discord Integration

We have worked with COUNTLESS clients from small corporations in high-sec to larger null-block alliances. Come and chat with us and some of our friends and clients on our discord, or reach out to me directly. AbsoluteZeroHost-Support l2azorClear#3678 or [ADFU] Tbagger98#3630

Edit: Updated Discord ID’s


ADFU - Has retained help from this group.

Good Dudes, trying to help people with corp / alliance management tools.

We have Alliance Auth, SeaT, WiKi, and Discord Integration. The whole shizzle!

10/10 - Would recommend to folks looking to get things organized.

I am not only a member of this support team, I am also a client!


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Great quality service we have used his service as well, 10/10 will continue to use



Have been using them for Big Yikes for almost 6 months or so now.

Been easy to deal with, and would recommend for all their services.

~ Brad ~


A good helpful bunch, if you want to run a wormhole corp or any alliance and need help setting up 3rd party apps they will help you out. I highly recommend their services. We have a working pathfinder, mumble and AllianceAuth again. :desktop_computer:

Anton Skylark


Top notch service from these lads, they’ve hosted many of my friends SeaT instances as well as helped troubleshoot the SeaT instance that Mercurialis Inc hosts.

But on a personal note, they very kindly went out of their way to create a personalized Valhiem server instance for me when I get tired of licking rocks in space with friends… Instead, my space friends and I mine Viking rocks!

On another tech support note, they also walked me through curing my laptop after it got infected with a handful of viruses. It was quick, easy, and frankly amazing. The team is great over at AZH, and I’d highly recommend them for both your eve needs, and any other out of game tech related desires.

Cheers Lads,


Cannot say enough good things about AZH and L2azor in particular, whose is not only a nurse by day but a veteran EVE events volunteer, volunteering at multiple EveVegas events and the latest Fanfest, helping check people in and keep things running smoothly! This year for Fanfest, he and his team saved the day for me when I had this crazy idea of setting up a web site where those who could not attend Fanfest would be able to make a donation and get their own Capsuleer Pilots License. He and his team not only got it done in just 10 days, they were able to tweak things on the fly in the middle of checking in hundreds of Fanfest attendees when minor issues popped up!

Absolute :heart: and my highest recommendation!



Bump post :slight_smile: - We are still looking for more customers! Join the discord for details!

These guys are the best. They get ■■■■ done and fast. Bless!

There are really helpful and technical names in the Eve online space… And then there are professionals that show a clear class difference in how they deliver and perform for their clients. l2azor goes the extra step to make sure a client is satisfied. Super knowledgeable & thoughtful in his workflow. I’m consistently happy my alliance and I chose to go with him, and we appreciate the timely manner in how he addresses any problems, if they arise.

– Deep Water Syndicate

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