External Services Support and FREE Consultation (AllianceAuth, SeaT, Pathfinder, Wiki, Discord Integration, and more!)

Save the world by day (I’m a nurse), save the internet spaceship world by night!

I am a nurse that loves tech. I run a hosting and consulting service for anything from game servers to assisting groups with setting up their alliance services for massive alliances in eve. Our consulting services are FREE, you read that correctly, FREE! My team and I have experience with tons of different services and applications that we can assist you with setup and management.

Services we specialize with:

  • Mumble / TeamSpeak
  • Alliance Auth
  • SeaT
  • Pathfinder
  • Tripwire
  • WiKi / Forums
  • Discord Integration

We have worked with COUNTLESS clients from small corporations in high-sec to larger null-block alliances. Come and chat with us and some of our friends and clients on our discord, or reach out to me directly. AbsoluteZeroHost-Support l2azorClear#3678 or [ADFU] Tbagger98#3630

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