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I have a passion for web development and a deep appreciation for the virtual universe of EVE Online. In the world of web development, I specialize in setting up essential tools like SEAT, ThunderED, and Pathfinder to enhance the EVE Online gaming experience. Not only that, but I offer hardware if needed.

(An example of one of the many solutions for your corporation/alliance)

SEAT, which stands for “Simple, Easy API Tool,” is a popular third-party web application used by EVE Online players and corporations. It serves as a central hub for managing and accessing various game-related data and services. SEAT primarily focuses on providing essential functionalities for EVE Online corporations, including the following:

API Key Management: SEAT allows corporation leaders to securely manage their API keys, which are used to access in-game data such as member information, assets, wallet transactions, and more.

Member Tracking: It provides tools for monitoring and tracking corporation members, including their in-game characters, skills, and activities.

Asset Management: SEAT assists in tracking the assets owned by the corporation, which can include ships, modules, and structures.

Wallet Transactions: It offers insights into the corporation’s financial activities by displaying wallet transactions and balance history.

Permissions and Access Control: SEAT allows corporations to set permissions and access control for various members, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure.

Integration with Other Tools: SEAT often integrates with other third-party tools used by EVE Online players, enhancing the overall functionality and convenience.

In summary, SEAT is a valuable web-based tool for EVE Online corporations, aiding them in efficiently managing their members, assets, and in-game resources, while also facilitating integration with other important EVE Online services and tools.

I can help you setup plugins, fresh installs, configure and update current installs ETC.

I have no set price plan yet as this is simply a feeler post, but please evemail me if you are interested and let me know what youre interested in.

I will have a discord setup in 24hr and can produce demos for any service by request.

Fly safe fellow capsuleers

Maybe if your discord link worked.

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