[SERVICE] EVE SeAT - Perfect tool for corporation management

Are you looking to install a corporation management tool that will facilitate all your needs but struggling to get it installed or running?

What is EVESeAT?
SeAT is a simple, EVE Online Corporation and API management tool. SeAT allows you to keep an eye on all things related to your corporation; from wallets, to mail, to assets for both characters and corporations.
It is also a great tool to Screen and Vet any potential new members!

Will you install any custom plugin I want?
Yes, see below for a small list… many more available.

What is Alliance Auth?
Alliance Auth (AA) is a web site that helps Eve Online organizations efficiently manage access to applications and services.

Main features:

  • Automatically grants or revokes user access to external services (e.g. Discord, Mumble) and web apps (e.g. SRP requests) based on the user’s current membership to in-game organizations and groups
  • Provides a central web site where users can directly access web apps (e.g. SRP requests, Fleet Schedule) and manage their access to external services and groups.
  • Includes a set of connectors called services for integrating access management with many popular external applications / services like Discord, Mumble, Teamspeak 3, SMF and others
  • Includes a set of web apps which add many useful functions, e.g.: fleet schedule, timer board, SRP request management, fleet activity tracker and BuyBack
  • Can be easily extended with additional services and apps. Many are provided by the community

ISK Payments only!
I also offer a maintenance service for a monthly fee, this guarantees any fixes or updates.
Any issues related to the install are fixed for free!!

Contact me here or send me a mail in game and start managing your Corp more effectively.

Poolie 07


I am looking to have a Seat setup for my corp, one that will allow me to have my members or potential members click on a link, sign up and give me access to view everything i need like contacts, mail, transactions etc etc, the things you need to check when making sure your not allowing a spy or potential threat into the corp. once i have checked this i want to be able to ‘Approve’ someone application and have them promoted to a member level where they can then get access to our discord etc.
Could you provide this service i need and how much would you be asking for this?

Hi, We spoke in game, can you contact me on discord my user is Harry#6693 thank you.

Friend request sent.

Another satisfied user :slight_smile:

Currently in process of setting up another corporation, if this is something you need please feel free to reach out.

Absolutely brilliant service. We utilised this service for the creation of our corp SeAT and Discord. Communication all the way was brilliant, advise and setup was brilliant. We now have a fully operational SeAT with services that allow us to organise discord members, ops, roles and track activities in corp and much more.
If you want SeAT and Discord setting up so you can build your corp up professionally then this man here is the best person to go to. Wouldn’t use anyone else! 5*

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Another satisfied client.
This time a nice fresh ready to go Alliance Auth setup!

If you require Seat or Alliance auth, get in touch.

I asked @Michael_Agar to help me get Alliance Auth setup on my server and he couldn’t have been more helpful.

He got the entire thing setup within 24 hours after providing server info, installed any plugins I requested and offered helpful advice and service every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Thank you!

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Another Alliance Auth setup and another satisfied customer!

Still taking orders :slight_smile:

Does SEAT track and alert on planetary industry extractor timers?

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To be honest I would go with AA if you are wanting detailed structure timers with discord integration.
Just works better atm imo

Contact me on discord > its_poolie

Currently in process of setting up another corporation, if this is something you need please feel free to reach out.

Another corp all set up and ready to go. Included a fully set up and automated Discord integration (Alerts)

Hi i am looking for setting up a Seat for my group. if you can help good sir

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