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Alliance Auth

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Alliance Auth (AA) is a fully open source Auth System that helps Eve Online organizations efficiently manage access to applications and services.

Main features:

  • Automatically grants or revokes user access to external services (e.g. Discord, Mumble) and web apps (e.g. SRP requests) based on the user’s current membership to in-game organizations and groups
  • Provides a central web site where users can directly access web apps (e.g. SRP requests, Fleet Schedule) and manage their access to external services and groups.
  • Includes a set of connectors (called “services”) for integrating access management with many popular external applications / services like Discord, Mumble, Teamspeak 3, SMF and others
  • Includes a set of web apps which add many useful functions, e.g.: fleet schedule, timer board, SRP request management, fleet activity tracker
  • Can be easily extended with additional services and apps. Many are provided by the community and can be found here: Community Creations
  • English :flag_gb:, Chinese :flag_cn:, German :flag_de:, Spanish :flag_es:, Korean :flag_kr: and Russian :flag_ru: localization


Here is an example of the Alliance Auth web site with some plug-ins apps and services enabled:

Further Information

For further details about AA - including an installation guide and a full list of included services and plugin apps - please see the official documentation our repo on GitLab or join our Discord Server

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Alliance Auth is currently endeavouring to support every language supported by EVE Online.

Currently we have community contributed localizations for

  • English :flag_gb:
  • Chinese :flag_cn:
  • German :flag_de:
  • Spanish :flag_es:
  • Korean :flag_kr:
  • Russian :flag_ru:

We are seeking community help with

  • French :fr:
  • Japanese :jp:
  • Any other languages you are willing to contribute.

If you can help out with these additional languages, or wish to improve our existing translations, we use Transifex to manage them.

To get in touch with the Alliance Auth team, you can join our Discord Server

We have some fantastic volunteers working on Japanese and French now, but many hands make light work. Let us know if you can help out

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