Eve Swagger Auth (ESA): The Open Source SAS application

Let me just start with a quick disclaimer, ESA has undergone some but not extensive testing and there may be bugs and issues with the site.

Eve Swagger Auth is a open source “software as a service” application for Eve Online. Its initial features set is limited but powerful and this is just the beginning. Currently the site allows users to create their own “tenant” and link it to the site’s discord bot. Once the link is created you can set rules that will provide roles on your discord and keep them synced when things change. The rules range from a trivial match on corporation/alliance or faction to the slightly more complex standings of your corporation or alliance and the roles that people have within the the corporation.

The future of ESA is hopefully long and full of exciting things and the open source nature will breed trust and maybe even turn it into a community development project.

Please feel free to check out the site at www.eveswaggerauth.com, I warn you though I am a back-end developer at heart and the UI might make your eyes bleed.

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