Alliance Auth - Tool for managaging access to applications and services for organizations

Alliance Auth

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Alliance Auth (AA) is a web site that helps Eve Online organizations efficiently manage access to their applications and services.

Main features

  • Automatically grants or revokes user access to external applications / services (e.g. Discord, Mumble) and web apps (e.g. SRP requests) based on the user’s current membership to in-game organizations and groups
  • Provides a central web site where users can directly access web apps (e.g. SRP requests, Fleet Schedule) and manage their access to external services and groups.
  • Includes a set of connectors (called “services”) for integrating access management with many popular external applications / services like Discord, Mumble, Teamspeak 3, SMF and others
  • Includes a set of web apps which add many useful functions: e.g. fleet schedule, timer board, SRP request management, fleet activity tracker
  • Can be easily extended with new services and apps. Many are provided by the community and can be found here: Community Creations
  • Chinese :cn:, English :us:, German :de: and Spanish :es: localization


Here is an example of the Alliance Auth web site with some plug-ins apps and services enabled:

Further information

For further details about AA - including an installation guide and a full list of included services and plugin apps - please see the offical documentation and the repo on GitHub.


We (TIKLE and Legacy when i was their IT Admin) have been using AA for years now, we are super happy and i’ve always directed people to it as one of the best fully featured auth systems available.

I’ve recently become involved in dev work for AA and welcome feedback and contributions

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