[Service] SeAT Corporation/Alliance Setup and Hosting

Hey everyone!

I’m looking to take on a few clients for SeAT Hosting/Other Applications.

This is a fully hosted setup all paid for with isk :slight_smile: and we can usually get the service up in less than 24 hours after payment.

Hosted setups will have a subdomain with the following schema corp.holdyourcloak.com or I can help setup your domain to work with the service.

Functional Demo Here

Current Prices are tiered per members as we have to scale our compute power.
800m(0-100 Members) Contact(100+ Members)
Each plugin requested will add an additional cost.

What is SeAT
SeAT is a simple, [EVE Online] Corporation and API management tool. SeAT allows you to keep an eye on all things related to your corporation; from wallets, to mail, to assets for both characters and corporations.

This tool is super useful for Corps/Alliances to manage and vet new members.

Come talk on our discord for more information!

I used this service for an alt corp, would recommend.

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Just setup a new customer :slight_smile:

I was allowed to experience a very very fast service here :wink:
Not an hour from order to delivery! The site runs Stable and Fast and I think the prices are very good !!!

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Still taking on more clients!

Daily bump!



Just setup another customer :slight_smile:


I would like to acquire this service by you, when would be a good time to talk?

@Don_Pickle I’m USTZ - Just ping me on the discord anytime I’m on :slight_smile:

Will do!

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