Corporation 1 [C.ONE] A different corp looking for new and old players...UK/EU/US TZ

Bump! come join us

Hi, returning player looking to get back into Eve.
Do you have a public channel / discord etc. that I could pop in to say hi and/ or ask a few questions please?

Drop me a mail ingame @Torin_Corax



We want you!

Fancy a change? We are looking, please take a look above ^^

We will… we will… rock you!

Looking for pilots…

Still looking and growing!

Wanna join, read above ^^

Happy Weekend Pilots, were still looking if you are :slight_smile:

Hey eve pilots o7, come join us…

Tuesdays…boring…but you can make them special by joining us today!

grislymonster I messaged you in game

@LordEnforcer excellent, ill pick it up!

Hey @grislymonster, I sent an application to the corporation. Looking forward to hearing back.

Responded! Hope to see you in corp Dan

Happy Saturday! Come join us, we make ships :slight_smile:

Bump, were still looking for like minded Pilots!

Is there anyone out there?