Corporation Looking for 0.0 Home

Small USTZ corp looking for 0.0 residence.
We believe in PVP and a good industry back bone.

[WALKA] Drone Walkers Alliance - Recruiting Now!


Drone Walkers formed from a group of like-minded alliances in response to the Eve conflict known as World War Bee. Our coalition led a SOV warfare campaign that saw the entire region of Tenal fall under its control in just 15 days. Over a period of nine months, the Alliance lived and grew in the north until the destruction of the CO2 Keepstar in M-0 presented new opportunities for our alliance: do we remain in our established home, or do we join our friends in Circle of Two and Test Alliance on a new conquest in the South? Without hesitation, the entire alliance (indeed our entire coalition) packed up their assets, abandoned the space for which they had fought, and migrated across New Eden in support of our friends. After a short war, we established our new home in Catch and Impass.

Where we live:
The Corp and Alliance live in Impass, but frequently conduct PvP operations from Catch both for fun and in support of our coalition.


DOTLAN EveMaps: Map: Impass
DOTLAN EveMaps is the leading online/interactive map/alliance/corporation resource database for Eve Online

What we are looking for:
We do ask our members to be adaptable, open minded, and willing to learn. We’re looking for active corporations that operate primarily in EU / US timezones (other TZs are more than welcome). Your members should have the ability to listen, and preferably speak, on TS3 communications. While you don’t have to be the best PvPers in the world, all members should be willing to participate in the defence of our space - just follow orders and it’s easy!

Active Corporations / players from all timezones
Have ability to listen (and preferably speak) on TS3 Comms
Members that are willing to participate in PvP to defend our space
Be Open Minded, Willing To Learn, and Adaptable
What we offer:
Drone Walkers offers a relaxed environment that is open to new and old players. We’re proud of the friendly and collaborative nature of our alliance, which will see leadership listen - and importantly respond - to your desires, ambitions and concerns.

We hold upgraded space and infrastructure in Impass. This provides our members with a wide range of PvP or PvE content. All members should also make use of Catch to participate in small gang, alliance, and coalition fleet ops. Doctrine ships are covered by the Ship Replacement Programme.

A relaxed environment that is open to new and old players
Sov Null Sec space in which to live, learn, fight and die
Some of the safest Sov Null Sec space in which conduct industry
Alliance Jump Freighter Services
TeamSpeak 3 Server and Alliance IT Services (Forums, Discord etc)
Fully upgraded systems in which to rat, mine and explore
Small Gang, Alliance, and Coalition Fleet Ops
Alliance Ship Replacement Scheme (for doctrine ships)
Alliance PvP Training
An active and supportive coalition
Find out more:
For more information, join our ingame channel “WALKA Public” or join our Discord channel ( and ask for a recruiter.

Stella Nova is always looking for PvP pilots and understand the need for solid indy backbone, hit me up for a chat

I would support that offer. Just yesterday returned back from Impass - they build up a nice moon mining empire there. And in some systems you will see Sanctums with no one, ever (I watched closely dotlan NPC kills activity for weeks), shooting NPC. Mining is at 100 %.

Hard to say, what money they will want from you, though. And you will also have hard time to find a not probed / farmed signature there.

On the other hand most of the region is devided by WALKA and Brave newbies, so what you can not find in north east WALKA systems , you can find in the southth or west. From what I’ve heard from their members, you will not be restricted to farm only ‘your’ system.

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