Corporation Two Recruiting

Hey good people of The New Eden o/

Ok i am not much of a typer so i will try my best to explain what we looking for.

As Juon Rin, i am old Coalition (many) FC and kinda experienced every part of the universe we love and addicted. I have run and helped running 3 alliances during my time in The New Eden in null-sec so far.

Since almost a year our little but strong group living in high-sec because we are sick of the drama of Null and some of us frustrated and took a break a while ago.

Currently as Corporation Two, we are in Amarr FW with Ungentelmanly Warfare alliance. We are fleeting up with them or go solo FW. ( )

There is no mandatory stuffs in Corporation Two. Also we are not stuck in FW area if you check the killboard. ( )

We go wormhole hunting, null-sec even camping Jita if nothing else to do and many more…

All of us in game self-sufficient and can plex accounts easy enough. We simply enjoy/discover PVP as a group and hoping to find some more people can have fun with us.

As Corporation Two we are looking for people,

  • New/Old in game willing to fly in a group and learn.
    -Alpha/Omega hungry for PVP.
    -We are not looking for +1 in fleets we are looking for TEAM MEMBERS!
    -People can be on comms (discord+mumble) when there is a fleet up ( only mandatory part could be this one )

If you are interested in joining us please contact with ‘’ Juon Rin ‘’ in game. Mails/Convos are fine i am usually online 24/7.

See you all around. Have fun o7

Hope to see you guys/gurlz o7

Come and join us!

We are waiting for you!

Fleet is up !

Can you please link your discord server?

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Erin please send me an in game mail… i ll send you the link there mate o7

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