Cosmos Collective EU/US tz

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Cosmos Mindset

Friendly & welcoming environment to all. Our Cosmos members are from all over the world, and are at different stages in their eve careers. From new players to old returning players, there is a place for everyone here. A growing community with sister corps in high sec and wormhole space.

We’re a proud member of Goonswarm Federation, enjoying the benefits and experience they provide in all areas of the game.

What can we offer you:

Alliance PvP fleets daily
Great space to rat
Access to moon/null sec mining
Industry setup
Close knit community

What we require:

Full ESI checks
Working mic
5 Million skill points minimum

Feel free to join our recruiting discord with any questions

Always recruiting

Rat, industry, mine, pvp… come join a friendly growing community, pop in our recruiting discord and say hi

Recruiting back open

Looking for new members to join the fun

Friendly community looking for new members

Need a corp?

New members always welcome

Always on the lookout for good people

Need a corp?

New members always welcome

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