Could not write file -Launcher

anyone know a fix ive tried reinstalling, verify cache, unpin and relogin. Nothing works

If you are not running any client at the moment, maybe you have a faulty bit on your hard drive.

M$ Window$ is very prudent in purposely destroying hard drives with their deprecated and very, very defective file system they bought from Hewlett Packard a few decades ago and selling it as “their own”.
That “new technology file system” constantly does unnecessary write and read operation which wear down any drive you run on, making faulty bits occur much sooner than they have to.

Do a file system check on the drive you put the EVE client on. Depending on how large the partition is, it may take a long time but do not stop it.

I get this if I don’t wait for the blue progress bar across the bottom of the screen to fill all the way. Just press ‘Ignore’, cancel the failed login by clicking the square box next to the character-name, and redo the login when the progress bar has finished filling.

Eta: I’ve just noticed that it actually says ‘Ready’ just above the middle of the blue bar when it’s, erm, ready…

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