Covrir - Start Up Friendly New Player Corp!

Covrir is a new corporation in New Eden. We are seeking members for our ranks!

What we have to offer so far:

:heavy_check_mark: Laid Back US/EU TZ High & Low
:heavy_check_mark: Alphas & New Players Encouraged
:heavy_check_mark: Experienced Leadership
:heavy_check_mark: Friendly Atmosphere
:heavy_check_mark: Discord & Slack & Forum
:heavy_check_mark: Resource Buyback Program
:heavy_check_mark: Operational Support

Currently there is no sp requirement!

Some Hot Trades Right Now::
[Industry] [Exploring] [Ratting]
Plenty of Isk Making!!!

High Sec AO
Citadels and Services
Advancement Opportunities

You can join out public chat: Covrir Ballroom
Feel free to stop on by and say hi,

We are seeking industrial and combat related roles. There are no mandatory ops OTHER THAN
Home Defense

We have a low tax and a positive attitude! We want to help create a unique community in Eve, Come help create that!!!

Come be apart of the team

Just a friendly bump for the day! We already landed four new recruits! So far so good!

Another friendly bump to get things to the top,

Another timely bump to kick things to the top!

:slight_smile: Fly Safe Eve Online

Another Bump. We are growing. :slight_smile:

Bumping cause we still growing

A Friendly bump to kick things to the top!

We are keeling strong! Recruitment is open, We have a new AO as well, and are expanding to inter-regional!

Come with us on an adventure!

Another friendly bump to get this thing to the top! :slight_smile:

Bump to the top!

Unfortunately for us, the corp is closing. I had a suspicious Discord Update after accepting a member and every since that patch and that morning, I have had nothing but socket drops and internet connectivity issues. I have other issues too Im noticing weird behavior outside of Eve as well. I even changed ISP temporarily to help isolate the issue. I had my neighbor check my computer and network and have been talking with the ISP’s and a network server log my neighbor setup.

I will say that the individual under suspicion is this guy. I went thru EVERY LOG I have on my computer… and read every line of communication for the info, and I must say reading it for a second time is really enlightening.

He left not long after joining, and I was having issues.

If I do get the technical info and am able to retrieve the hax I will be notifying CCP and the authorities.

He was the one who mentioned, and keep in mind I have the logs, he was hacking Eve so he could get multiple alphas and omegas to work on one computer, one network.

This all just amplifies my suspicions. We have kali running here and am sorting thru every downloaded packet, decrypting each to isolate the source and content.

This is beyond my expertise, so I have no choice but to recruit help outside of Eve and close the corporation.

Idk what more to say, there is no salt, I just need to wipe my drives and reinstall my OS and move on to another game.

Fly Safe

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