Crayven Corp is now recruiting for NULLSEC PVP pilots

—>Crayven Corp<—

—>We Are Recruiting —>US/AU/EU TMZ<—

About us-Here at Crayven Corp we believe in having fun and helping everyone out and having a good time. We are a part of Siberian Squads alliance which is located In Tenerifis and apart of Legacy/Voltron Coalition. We have a good make up of people For the most part we are a English speaking corp and active in the US/AU/EU Time Zones


15-20 mil SP

Miners with pvp skills

PVP pilots <—



  • A tight-knit group of helpful people
  • JF services
  • Alliance SRP For Fleets
  • Great space to Mine/ Rat/PI
  • Moons to get that Moon goo
  • PVP content From small Roams To big fleet fights something for everyone
  • Real life comes first
  • Discord + Teamspeak 3

Interested? Join our discord or in Game channel

In Game channel- Crayven Corp. Public Chat


Message our Recruiter in game: Lars Steinwasser

Recruitment is still open

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