Crimson Valkyire, Recruiting New Pilots and Returning Pilots

We are new corp. We are looking for pilots looking for help and social activity. Returning Pilots are welcome to get that rust off and learn what’s new in New Eden.

We are based in High-Sec, but we are up for Low-Sec fun as well.

If interested look up our Corp and apply.

If you have any questions please contact, RAZGR1Z, Skinny lilwhitegirl, and Tuskan Virpio

Hello all as RAZGR1Z mentioned we are all over the place currently we are mostly mining :pick: and manufacturing :building_construction:. We are currently looking to expand and carve out a Star System to call home :classical_building:. We are looking forward to training new people and putting veterans skills to good use. As before if you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to one of the following players - RAZGR1Z, Skinny lilwhitegirl, and Tuskan Virpio.
Remember to fly dangerously that’s where the isk is.

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