Cruiser Crew is NOW Recruiting ALL active PVP Pilots

Cruiser Crew a USTZ Corporation In Nullsec wants you today!!!

We have a in game channel you should join Know as Cruis3rs Cr3w, we run NPSI Fleets out of it and it’s all fun and exciting.
We are currently growing since we branched into Null and are looking forward to taking our own area of space. Our upmost Priority in game is CONTENT, Content is our CEO’s primary goal. He wants all to enjoy what we do and have fun doing it all the time. The area we live at currently you can make all the isk you need in order to fund your Content that you so desire…


Anyone looking for PVP 90% of time should apply… if your looking to rat and maybe get crazy please apply.
if your looking for something new in eve to do apply… because we are a very outgoing pvp centric corp… Primarily USTZ, but we do offer members in the EU and AU timezones… in Cruisers Crew you never fly alone.

Here are some examples of Past experiences:

We are looking Forward to your application.

if you desire more information, Join our Discord: Cruisers Crew Discord

Those videos are years and years old. Like we told him the first time, yall need new videos


It’s still content that we do everyday, if you’re butthurt please find another forum to express your bs, and if you had some reading comprehension skills you would notice that it says “examples of past experiences” meaning yes the videos are older, nice failed trolling attempt.

Hey, Evictus. are looking for More PVP Corps if your after a New Home o7

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Bumping to the top for the ustz…

We’ve joined Endless Crew

It wasn’t a trolling attempt. JJ and I used to fly with CC and tbh it’s great until you realize how much better you could have it. Don’t stay a part of the cult forever bro. I hope you find your way

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It’s a game not a cult, please take your sad trolling attempts elsewhere.

Bumping back to the top, remember to join our discord… Link is above.

Bumping this topic back up, check the first post for all the information needed to join us

Bumping these back to the top,

Our discord is at the top, please join it…


Bumpity bump bump bumpity bump bump look at cercis go!!! Bumpity bump bump DD’ding dreads out of the snow!!!

Links to discord are in the first Post… Please join so we can get to know you better…

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Bumping it to the max, discord link in the first post

Check the first post for all the information you require!!!

USTZ folks check out the first post as our discord link is under all our videos

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New videos are up, curtious of blooddonor

USTZ we are actively recruiting, discord link in the first post