Crusnik Inc. Now Hiring Miners

Crusnik Inc. is Hiring Resource Collection Operatives for Caldari High sec operations.

New Players, Returning Players, and Veteran Players Welcome.

Corp offers Ship Replacement and Material buy program.
Extensive Corp Bulletins.

Questions mail Gnat Mikakka or join our chat channel Crusnik inc.

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Good corp. They make an effort to help new players and the buyback program is competitively priced. As a returning veteran there were other opportunities for content outside of mining so there was a good mix of things to do.

Had a few questions:

  1. You are in high sec for some function?

  2. Any where near metropolis region? (trying to figure out how far i will have to move…lately greater than 36 jumps just to find out misinformation given LOL

  3. are there any members active:
    a: 2am - 7am GMT Monday through Friday?

    b: 8pm - 7 AM Sat - Sun?

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