Crusnik Inc. Now Hiring Resource Collection Operatives

We are an international high sec industrial corporation.

New Players, Veterans, Alts, Omaga, and Alpha pilots Welcome.

Operating in Caldari high sec.

We take the guess work out of what to mine and where.

We provide:
-Fleets daily.
-Ship Replacement.
-Material buy.
-Extensive Corporate Bulletins.
-Training guidance.
-Alliance Loyalty Point Store.

Interested Mail Gnat Mikakka or check bio for our chat channel

So any corporation activities in the Metropolis region not wanting to kick the can again until it’s semi permanent move…greener per past experience was paint or a sewer leak so taking it slow and asking questions before i spend multiple days moving again.?

Hopefully not to specific as i need to know as much as possible without knowing to much before i stert moving things again…

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