CRUZADOS [CRUZA] Nullsec corporation looking for more players!

Welcome to CRUZADOS, a proud member corporation of Goonswarm Federation, and the Imperium as a coalition.

We are looking for active English/Spanish speaking pilots and PVPers. Join us today, and have access to the best coalition and space in the game. We are structured, more so than any other group in nullsec.

What we offer:

  • 24/7 PVP content and fleets
  • Full reimbursement for all ships lost on alliance operations, and at least half SRP for solo losses
  • Forums and a wiki with years of stockpiled information to make you one of the most well educated pilots in New Eden. There is a guide to literally anything, as well as pages filled with historical information about Goonswarm Federation.
  • An established local market with trillions of isk traded monthly for all your trade needs.
  • Access to Delve, the best space for mining and ratting, as well as other high end PVE activities.
  • Mumble comms and live fleet/information pings

What we expect from recruits:

  • Fleet attendance is highly valued in both the corporation and alliance.
  • Be active and have a desire to learn.
  • Be connected to jabber and discord when you can. Mumble comms are required for fleet activity.

What you can accomplish as a member of Goonswarm Federation:

SIG’s and squads that support any activity that you want to do, here are some examples:

  • Fleet Commanding (psst hey, we reimburse your FC ships and pay you extra on top of that for every fleet you run)
  • Black Ops
  • Incursions
  • Combat SIGs that deploy away from the alliance
  • Wormholes

We do not have any skill point requirements, both Alphas and Omegas are welcome. Join our public discord server for an interview :

Ingame public channel and information station is “CRUZA’s English Half”

Feel free to contact any of our recruitment staff ingame through EVEMail, although our discord is preferred for inquiries of any sort, and will get a much faster response from our leadership/recruitment team.

Recruitment staff:
Kyle Khamez
Daddy Doge
Sgt Juggy
Auggi Ryne
Juno Swanteisger (Spanish)
Cinetica (Spanish)


To the top!

Still actively recruiting!




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