🐝[CRUZA] - CRUZADOS: Join Us. Make EVE Great Again. - GSF Corp - The Imperium - EU/US/AU TZ

CRUZADOS is a former Sov Null alliance which has condensed into a Goonswarm Federation corporation within The Imperium coalition. We are an English and Spanish corporation covering all timezones. With winning the war in the North, fleets of all shapes and sizes are available 24/7 and it’s about time you chose the winning side! Whether you’re a defecting titan pilot or a newbro who caught one of the streams of the best and biggest fights in EVE history, now’s your chance to make a difference! Being a member of Goonswarm Federation has some extremely good benefits. Aside from destroying the North, we offer the best options to make isk in all of EVE.

Whether you’re a PvP only kind of guy or want to dive into titan production, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Titan pilot(s) looking to actually use your titan(s)? Multiple rorqs needing a safe place to crush rocks? We have a home for all of you(s). We understand that EVE is a game and continue to maintain a “Real Life Comes First” policy for all of our members. If you can only give us 3 hours a month, great! We’re happy to see you and you’re welcome to join! If you prefer to live in the game 20 hours a day and do nonstop pvp, we’ll keep you busy as well.

What we are looking for:

  • Any and all Northern defectors - we share your pain as we came from the North recently ourselves.
  • Newbros are welcome!
  • Skilled PvP pilots looking to enter Sov Null and get a taste of real PvP
  • Skilled industrialists looking to manufacture all the things
  • Anyone looking to join the best atmosphere in the game

What we can offer:

  • 24/7 PvP content from frigates to titans ranging from small gangs to fleets upon fleets stacking on top of eachother
  • Specialized PvP options (blops, bombers, hot drops, use of wh space, specific groups with specific targets, etc.)
  • Industrial options where you can actually earn isk and do so immediately.
  • Best ratting/mining space in the game
  • Vast support network providing the safest Nullsec environment to krab in the game
  • Best market outside of Jita anywhere
  • Best newbro training options in the game along with free ships for newebros to get into fleets and have some fun
  • Sov Null infrastructure not seen outside of Delve anywhere else, period.

If you’re interested in joining us you have a few options to get in touch with us:

I have 3 guys, Indy/PI - PVP - Exploration (this char), do you allow Alts as well?
Sounds like a good place for all 3.


@Alyss_Enna yes we most certainly do allow alts. Feel free to join our discord and we can have a more in depth conversation!


Or just wait to see how Eve will develop under a new owner …

Recruitment is still open!!!

Still recruiting!!

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Still Recruiting!

With battle report excellence like this, there’s no way you shouldn’t join us!

I’m just saying…the North kinda sucks. Behold their Supers and Titans. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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