Nullsec corp recruiting peeps

CRUZADOS está reclutando. Si te apetece compartir tiempo de juego con nosotros, ven al Temple bar y habla con nuestros reclutadores.

CRUZADOS are recruiting. Contact us in the CRUZA’s English Half public channel and talk with our recruiters

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Topgunnah is a known alliance and corp thief. He cant move from goons because he and his known alts have been blacked-listed from just about everywhere else in eve. If you value your assets, time and anything else, do not join this corp, as you will lose everything you own when top gets bored and decided to do it again. He is willing to throw away any relationship to make a few billion isk, no matter if its 4 months or 4 years.

Proof, more can be supplied if needed.

To Ghostrr, i probably wouldnt have top do your recruiting.

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:smiley: dam almost a year later and your still salty Seth

Na, the other one. Though the fact that you just owned what you did speaks for itself. Throwing away years of friendship for that amount of isk, isnt something thats gonna attract people.

Ghost like i said, get someone other than a known thief, someone who is more trustworthy to do your recruitment.

:smiley: bro who do you think cynoed out all thos citadel LMAOOO

So, does that mean you wanna join Cruzados? We are recruiting. We would happily give you a place to live. And thrive.

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I have no interest in joining CRUZADOS, and neither should anyone else, while a plague like TopGunnah Gunnah or his alts are allowed to be apart of it. Allowing him to remain makes a statement that you don’t care about your members, be it their assets, isk, or their well-being as a member of your corp. As long as he is in CRUZADOS all members are at risk. And having him be the face of your corp for recruitment says a lot about what your corp stands for, and should be a warning to all potential recruits.

tbh with you no one cares about some small alliance that died like 8 months ago and im literally not black listed from anywhere well maybe a died alliance so get off my recruitment post please this is spam

Perhaps you don’t care about a small alliance but perhaps the general populous doesn’t want to join a corp whose recruiter is a known and self admitted thief.

sooooo you mean half of the goon populous right?

Look. Vayato Zamora. What TopGunnah did or may have done before becoming a part of Cruzados is really none of my concern. What is my concern is that simple fact you have the audacity to go into a public space and deface my corporation when you yourself know jack ■■■■ about my corporation or TopGunnah’s actual role or place within it. Frankly…this spat you have is with TopGunnah, not with Cruzados… So let’s not involve my corporation in your personal issues with one of my members. Cruzados has over 500 members who are all very happy and fat doing the things they love. We are a healthy corporation who thrive on community and interaction. We do things together, we enjoy our time together and we all have a love for EVE, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I have nothing against Cruzados, nor goons in general, indeed i use this alt that has no ties to any afiliate, in order to not give the appearance that im trying to steal recruits. I have had a decent relationship with Ghostrr in the past, but having TopGunnah posting about recruitment when I know about the things he’s done first hand makes me morally responsible to share this information regarding what he’s done. If it were any other corp I’d say the same if they had TopGunnah recruiting for them. Im giving fair warning to all who may consider joining.

You are also quoting a very unreliable source as proof of his involvement in any wrong-doing in your part. Pantsufan has been the sole person responsible for the death and destruction of more than 1 alliance. And sov holding alliances at that. And he is a person well known to weave deceit and lie to his own alliance members. So yah - there’s that.

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Vayato, to be one to judge the actions of the corp on the actions of the single i’m guessing your an SJW so really wouldn’t get one well with our group to begin with, i’m pretty sure EVERYONE in Eve has scammed/stolen something from someone at some point its part of the game play, it honestly just comes across as being really saltly when you go round posting ■■■■ like this.

Also just want to point out, CRUZA is in Goonswarm on of the alliances known to ACTIVELY ENCOURAGE people to scam/rob people that aren’t goons or allies of goons so coming on here to say “your recruiter stole from me” basically just says “these guys are good at what they do, look at all my wine and salt…” So…

Thanks for the vouch that we are good at what we do.

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