Current HS Groups - "Blue Donuts"

Why would any of them actively shoot each other without being paid?

Because, from an outsider’s perspective, other mercs are … or should be … competition.

Updated OP.

What Solstice said or is it just a “we wont shoot you, if you dont shoot us” arrangement allowing you all to shoot people that generally dont shoot back? not a poke just an open question.

Merc vs merc could disrupt contracts, but having friends is also nice. As long as it stays in balance, its ok.

Are any Merc grps recruiting at the moment?

-> [Merc] Spree - Mercs and savages

Spree is, maybe wanna give it a look :slight_smile:

I think tora has answered this well. Spree has very few actual blues. There is a fair agreement between mercs that allow us to function smoothly.

Something thay several mercs hope to see from this agreement is the rise of newer merc groups. With nmajor suppression of them no longer in place as it was with the previous merc block.

You need to update Ex-MG, PIRAT and Holesale :wink:

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This thread is outdated and requires some updating.

Fly safe and waste bullets


Please tell, what needs updating?

Where would the fun be in me telling you :slight_smile:

Oh dear not sure who you are or even if you’re a player in the active HS Merc groups but this is a public thread based on forum activity and active merc CEO feedback, So don’t whine about it being out of date if you’re then not going to say what needs updating … pretty stupid.


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Looking for some clarification regarding V E N D E T T A … are they still an entity in their own right are are they now Pirat?

PM me if you have further details.

what a dumb post!

Should I be offended that I dont see Blackhogs. listed?

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Yes, lol

updated OP

Nice to see you have it wrong.


Marmite will be joining PIRAT soon. Natural Clonekiller can confirm this.