so since i was last in a merc group pirat and marmite have all but died.

are there any merc groups policing highsec now?

Because when i was in one on a alpha it both pirat/marmite demanded monthly tribute or be war dec’d permanently. This War dec went on for a while before the corp gave up unable to pay the tribute which was 2b ea totaling 4b or fight due to the corps small size.

whats the status on our empire mercs.

There are no more wardec groups in hisec.

Conflicts are settled over webcam by a fingerboard tricks competition and the winner is judged here.


There are Mercs running around in high sec but it would be good to hear from people that have used there services, what type of Mercs they are and effectiveness, if they are trade hub campers or scammers etc,

Just interested really and useful to know for new customers or new recruits

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